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About Richmond Partners

In a rapidly changing world, more than ever it is essential to have the support of a dedicated team of wealth management professionals who can help you navigate your financial goals to provide peace of mind and financial security.

Richmond Partners is a well-respected privately owned wealth management firm providing superior, efficient, and transparent advice to high net-worth individuals, families and retirees.

What we do

We provide a tailored and pro-actively managed approach to your wealth management and advice needs.

Cash Flow Management

At the core of all financial strategies sits cash-flow. We can help you effectively manage your cash flow, putting you in control of your money and ensuring financial security now and into the future. Cash flow management is critical to your financial success.

WEALTH Management

We offer comprehensive Wealth Management and Investment Planning strategies and solutions to ensure your financial situation is working optimally for you to achieve financial independence.

Debt Management

The key to investing is first getting your debt under control through budgeting and cashflow management. We work with you to understand you net wealth, being smarter with debt your spending habits and how you can take control.


We can help you identify strategies that boost your nest egg for retirement. Strategic planning and ongoing management of your superannuation can assist in maximising your wealth position.

Retirement Planning

Ensuring you are comfortable in retirement requires considered planning and active management. Whether you are thinking about saving for retirement, transitioning from your working life to retirement, or currently in retirement and keen to ensure you are optimising your wealth position, we can help. We look at your individual situation and provide advice on opportunities and strategies that will help you achieve the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Personal Protection

While it is not always possible to prevent unplanned events from occurring, there are strategies that protect individuals and businesses against the potential financial consequences of unexpected events. We can help you determine and secure the right protection, including insurance, to provide financial compensation should you experience an unexpected accident or illness.

Estate Planning

We can help you determine a clear plan to navigate the complexities of managing your assets. We will work with you to implement strategies that ensure your assets are transferred as you desire, your loved ones are cared for, and your legacy is protected.

Tax Planning

Tax is a complex area whether it is buying or selling assets or receiving an inheritance. There are many factors that can influence your tax obligations. As tax (financial) advisers we are passionate and skilled in identifying areas for improvement and determining tax-minimisation strategies.

Financial Solutions

We help you navigate your financial future. Knowing where to start, what your needs are, what is available, these are just some areas that can seem overwhelming and difficult to answer. We work with you to breakdown all the hurdles and roadblocks, so you feel supported on the path to achieving your goals.


Richmond Partners will help you plan and optimise your wealth for a secure financial future.

Our team make it a priority to get to know you and your family as well as understanding your goals, what is important to you, your comfort levels and attitude to investing.

We are with you every step of the way!

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